DOSS SoundBox XL

What's up today we are checking out another speaker by DOSS this time it's a DOSS SoundBox XL last time we checked out the DOSS traveller a really small portable and inexpensive bluetooth speaker that actually some quite decent especially for the price of $59.99. However this week we've got its bigger sibling the SoundBox XL and honestly at first glance the speaker doesn't look like much it's just typical looking, the speaker kind of looks like the Bose Soundlink series same form factor you've got your music controls up top skip track volume up/down power button of course then flipping it over to the rear you've got your standard typical ports DC in to charge up the device also you've got aux-in and a TF card reader to play music off your card.

Battery life on the unit is rated at about 10 hours at 50% volume obviously gonna be a lot less the latter you go so nothing really special as far as additional features and looks on the speaker you don't have any kind of waterproofness it's not really rugged and unfortunately you can't pair it wirelessly to a second unit. So when it comes to the SoundBox XL what really makes this speaker special is what is underneath that front metal grille you have a total of five drivers including two full range drivers that are gonna get you 10 watts each you've got a 12 watt subwoofer right in the center and two passive radiators on each side of the speaker and let me tell you guys the low-end on the speaker is insane given its size and price especially it's a price of $89.99 honestly when I first heard the speaker I have to admit guys the low-end is just ridiculous it's punching way above its class not only for its relatively small size but its extremely small price tag of 89 and 99 but enough of me talking about it guys let's go ahead and give it a quick listen that way you can get a good idea of what I'm talking about when it comes to be low end performance on this speaker. To help me out I'm gonna go ahead and bring in my JBL pulse 3 that is more than twice the price of the das SoundBox XL and while it doesn't have the nice pretty light show that the D pulse 3 has you're gonna be pretty blown away of how it compares with the pulse 3 when it comes to sound.

On the comparison we made against pulse 3, I gotta admit these SoundBox XL just decimates the pulse 3 in my opinion, that deep rich bass in a speaker that is a sub $100 it's just ridiculous not only that but the overall sound mids highs just comes together to create a really enjoyable listening experience my only real downside is that you don't get a lot of volume so it's not gonna be really meant to be a party speaker if you're playing and having a large group over this is more for maybe 5 - 10 people max or more for personal listening. Honestly it's strong suit is more in the middle volumes and it's just listening to that bass and that full rich sound is just gonna be blown away by the SoundBox XL honestly I just can't get over how good these SoundBox XL sounds it's one of those speakers you just really owe it to yourself to listen to and at 89 bucks I mean that's not that big of an investment especially for a speaker that sounds as good as a this having said that it's inexpensive I highly recommend it!