DOSS Soundbox Pro

510 Reviews
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

▪ Immersive Stereo Sound- Richer and louder than you'd expect

▪ Room-filling Bass-Rock parties indoors or outdoors with thunderous bass

▪ Beat-Driven Light Show-Dance with music and dynamic, dazzling lights

▪ Wireless Stereo Pairing- Pair two SoundBox Pros for real stereo output and fully synched light response

▪ IPX5 Waterproof-Be an ideal companion of your adventures

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Going on the physical features first it's not cheap and plasticky that's a word but there's this rubberized texture going around the entire enclosure and it feels as tough as the name-brand quality models out there now this is water-resistant with an IPX5 rating meaning this can take light water sprays this can't be submerged underwater though that might be enough for you guys if you don't intend on having the kids bring this around the pool or to the lake but for most people this will be enough.

Going over the buttons everything is very clicky and responsive, everything on screen is self explained for you guys the item worth mentioning is the add feature which allows you to pair with another DOSS Soundbox Pro speaker for true stereo separation with the competitors you not only get that but you're able to pair three four or more together and have them all play in sync. Now the pause and play button usually activates Siri or Google assistant when paired to your phone but for DOSS they decided to have this button disconnect the bluetooth signal instead you don't get those voice assistance. Now the mode button allows you to cycle through these solid colors on the front facing speaker there's red, blue, green and this smooth aqua looking color to the right is the extra base button and it's also used to change the pattern of the LEDs, then you can have the lights stay a solid color but also pulsate to the beat stay on completely solid or basically you can turn them off and then there's this party mode which cycles through the colors I mentioned earlier and there's two more colors which are also included which is purple and yellow, rotating to the rear there's the passive base radiator and on the bottom left has the water resistant flap with micro USB ports to charge the speaker a 3.5 millimeter port for physical connections and a micro SD card slot now regarding battery life it can last up to 10 hours of playtime.

The bass of the Soundbox Pro is considered as a bassy speaker it has more bass than the JBL 4 yet at the same time much cleaner bass it's non distorting like Sony XB21 the bass hits slightly deeper than the JBL even the low mid range is slightly warmer in the vocals without muffling the audio quality for most songs, going into the mid-range most of the time the DOSS Soundbox Pro sounded alive and pushed forward and is very bright making vocals stand out and instruments pronounced.